7 Best Skincare Tips & Hacks

Who doesn’t love a skincare tip? In my fifteen years in the beauty industry, I’ve picked up several beauty tips and hacks that I have incorporated into my skincare routine for clearer, healthier skin. Today I’m sharing seven of my favorite face-saving, complexion-loving tips.

  1. Dab on eye cream using your ring finger. Most people use their pointer finger, but that’s the strongest finger — and often too aggressive for the sensitive eye area. So, when applying eye cream, always use your ring finger for a gentle application.
  2. Use the remaining eye cream as a lip cream. The area around our lips is just as gentle — and prone to fine lines and wrinkles — as the eyes. I always dab the remainder of my eye cream around my mouth. It hydrates and plumps, and helps target those tiny lines.
  3. Use a new washcloth after each cleansing. Want to keep your skin clean post-cleansing? That’s the point, right? So why would you reach for a dirty washcloth? Washcloths trap bacteria and, when used multiple times, can spread it around your face. Not good for any skin, especially acne-prone like me. I buy washcloths in bulk on Amazon and use either side – so one washcloth a day – then throw them in the dirty laundry after. Another washcloth tip: pat your face dry, don’t tug or rub. If you’re looking for the washcloth to help exfoliate, gently dry your complexion with circular motions moving up the face (although I don’t recommend this for active acne as it can likely spread bacterias).
  4. Multi-mask to target specific skin concerns. No need to use the same mask on your entire complexion when each area likely has different needs. Instead, opt to use multiple masks at the same time. I do a charcoal or pore-cleansing mask on my t-zone area and a moisturizing mask around my eyes and mouth. Sometimes, I’ll even add a third mask to my cheeks; usually something for brightening and lightening.
  5. Always change your pillowcases. I do the same with my pillowcases as I do with my washcloths: I sleep on each side of the pillowcase once, totaling two nights per pillowcase, then I change it. The reason is simple: hair products, night creams, and any other random bacteria gets onto the pillowcase and transfers to the face. To keep skin clear (especially for you acne-prone skin types), it’s vital to constantly change your pillowcases. This tip has really helped my overall skin goals.
  6. Always use sunscreen, even if it’s grey. This sounds redundant, I know, but sunscreen really is the most important part of your skincare routine. Rain or shine, apply sunscreen to the face, neck, chest, and tops of hands. It doesn’t add any additional time to your morning routine to use sunscreen on neck, chest, and hands, too, yet it can really help with anti-aging. In addition, I always wear sunglasses and a hat. Sunglasses so I don’t squint and a hat as extra insurance against the sun. This has had a drastic effect on keeping my melasma at bay and helping to ward off sun spots and pigmentation (which I still get, but it’s just less noticeable).
  7. Relax your face. Remind yourself to relax all of the muscles in your face, multiple times a day. We don’t realize it, but we’re constantly squinting, scrunching, and pulling our skin and, over time, this leads to lines and wrinkles. Of course, you’ve got to live and smiling and emoting are going to happen — as they should! But just like when you’re stressed and you pause and take a deep breath, do the same with relaxing your face. Pause, mindfully relax the jaw, the eyes, the forehead, the brow bone, and then go on with your day. Make this a part of your daily routine by incorporating it as often as you can, and you’ll literally train your face to relax, warding off the lines and wrinkles.